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HighLoad++ is one of Europe’s biggest and most famous professional conferences on the development of high-loaded web-projects. The conference has been held annually in October since 2005. It usually takes place in Moscow; from year to year we choose the best Moscow conference centers for our guests’ convenience. In 2015 HighLoad++ is held on November, 2 and 3.
Oleg Bunin

Oleg Bunin, standing among some of the most prominent IT specialists in Russia, inspires and organizes HighLoad++, HighLoad++ Junior, RIT, WhaleRider, FrontendConf, RootConf professional conferences and technological exhibitions on HighLoad++ and RIT.

HighLoad++ annually gathers more than one thousand smart and skilled developers from the whole Europe and outstanding professionals from around the globe. 2014 boasted 1600 participants. In 2015 we expect to see more than 2500 attendees.

The Program Committee of the conference takes all possible efforts to make HighLoad++ a definitive tech conference. Experts working for the biggest and brightest companies of the IT industry (like Badoo, Mail.Ru Group, Yandex, Rambler, Nginx, etc.) form the program of HighLoad++ thoughtfully and thoroughly. They look for luminary talks focused on real, actionable technology solutions to high-scale problems.

We eagerly invite foreign speakers willing to introduce their talks to Russian-speaking audiences and graciously cover travel, lodging and food. Feel at home at HighLoad++, new ideas are always welcome! Indeed, up to one-third of our speakers come from abroad. We have already welcomed at our events some very prominent representatives of such IT companies as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, Percona, Etsy, Twitter and such media giants as BBC and Al Jazeera. We are greatly interested in “hot” talks from community members and contributors to the most meaningful Open Source projects — for instance, we eagerly keep in touch with the MySQL team, Cubrid team and PostgreSQL team, to name just a few.

You can watch the best HighLoad++ videos on Vimeo.com in English! Please use this link: www.vimeo.com/album/2920922
We offer to our English-speaking guests both English-to-Russian and Russian-to-English simultaneous translation — so you can listen to some talks in Russian and be sure that the audience will understand your presentation. Please bear in mind that all talks in English are translated into Russian, but not all talks from Russian and CIS speakers are translated into English. We’re very proud of simultaneous translation at HighLoad++ and while it is still an experiment it provides excellent real-time access much of the Russian content to English speakers.

Foreign sponsors can contact the HighLoad++ Team in order to have booths, roll-ups or provide hand-outs and /or ads at the HighLoad++ event.

If you are interested in finding specialists from Russia and neighboring countries, you will be pleased to know that headhunting is also allowed at HighLoad++. Find more developers of high-loaded systems for your team at our conference!

Welcome to the next HighLoad++ and have an exciting professional experience!

Speaking at Highload++

If your aim is to speak at HighLoad++, please send us some abstracts of your talk. Our experts will answer your questions, discuss all details and inform you of their decision. To be aware of HighLoad++’s latest news, please subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to read about all our changes!
Now you can virtually attend or track HighLoad++ 2015 at Lanyrd.com! We extremely need your support there — please, join us!

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You’ll definitely want to know more about our decision makers – the people who rate all talks, ask specific questions and form the HighLoad++ program. They are respected experts of IT, very well-known in professional communities and working for top IT companies – such as Badoo, Mail.Ru Group, Yandex, Rambler, Nginx and many others. They understand the nature of high-load very well and have great practical experience.

The members of the Program Committee adore useful talks on technologies and solutions that can easily become your next-day practice at work. Marketing, sales and management are good – but they are inappropriate for HighLoad++.

So, are you ready to speak at HighLoad++? If the answer is YES, then we need:

Please do not hesitate to send your applications to speakers@ontico.ru.

What Our Speakers Say

Mark Callaghan
Small Data Engineer (Facebook)

You went out of your way to make me feel welcome and to make sure my stay was easy (arranging transfers, answering my SMS when I could not find my driver at DME, finding me during the conference when something had to be done, inviting me for social events). I would definitely do this again, but I can suggest a different speaker from Facebook next year who will do an excellent talk.

The conference was very impressive. My only regret is that I wasn't able to speak with more attendees because I have no Russian language skills.

Julio Capote
Scala developer (Twitter API team)
  • Translated Headsets: This was very useful in understanding other speakers.
  • Hotel: The hotel was very nice and comfortable, and also close to the subway. The breakfast in the morning was the best part.
  • Tours: Your tour of Arbat street and red square was a very nice gesture, thanks again.
  • Speaker selection: The selection of speakers was good and the talks were very interesting.
Joe Damato
Low level hacker (Computology, LLC & Sassano Systems, LLC)
  • The Russian to English translations were really useful and I am very glad the conference supplied those. Great addition.
  • I thought most of the speakers were really interesting and smart.
  • I had fun walking around the city and Red Square.
  • I thought that this year the conference was run much smoother than last year — you did a great job organizing and making sure people had taxis to pick them up and drop them off, which I really appreciated.
Alvaro Videla
Pivotal Inc., RabbitMQ top expert

The conference was really good.

Carlos Bueno
ex-Facebook, MemSQL

Translation service was very good. Hotel and travel arrangements were very good. The conference itself was full of fun smart people.

Marian Marinov
CEO at 1H Ltd.

I think that HighLoad++ gathers together a lot of smart people and manages to stay away from non-technical or sales related talks.

Sponsoring at Highload++

Highload++ already has a very impressive list of sponsors – just look at the logos and names of these companies!

You can join the best IT companies in the world and increase your brand recognition both in Russia and in CIS.

Interested and want to have a look at our Sponsorship Package?
Just contact us now and learn more! Email Oleg Bunin:

Our Company

Have you ever contacted teams fully specialized in high-loaded projects and closely related IT topics? Oleg Bunin Lab (Ontico LLC.) is one of the most experienced Russian teams in this professional sphere.

Some of the most successful and largest projects in Russia like Setup.ru, Woman.ru, Photosight.ru, Sports.ru, and Itar-tass.com were created with the assistance of Oleg Bunin Lab (Ontico LLC.). However, the most remarkable and repeated fact is that Oleg Bunin and his team consulted Pavel Durov and his brother Nikolai when preparing the launch of Vkontakte social media.

With great experience in IT and project management, Oleg Bunin and the community of the best Russian developers and managers formed the core of Program Committee for three unique conferences: HighLoad++, Russian Internet Technologies and Whale Rider.

Contact Information

We look forward to any questions, inquiries and feedback!
Program Committee: Oleg Bunin (oleg.bunin@ontico.ru)
Organizing Committee: speakers@ontico.ru

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